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The first recreational video game series is the Tomb Raider, which was developed in 1996 by Core Design and features Lara Croft, who is one of the most unique and
innovative characters in present-day video games in terms of its gameplay mechanics
and its female protagonist. Described as intelligent, physically fit, and determined to
overcome any obstacle, Lara Croft transformed into an icon within a year.

Tomb Raider

One of the first and definitely one of the most memorable characters in the gaming industry was the exquisite and determined Lara Croft. Her character was a brilliant, pretty, and a sporty lady having no fear to step on the new land which was unfamiliar for ladies and they never dared to enter in this field earlier due to fear and restrictions like no women allowed.

tomb raider

However, the series has established itself through many sequels and reboots that occurred over the years, which only made the game’s gameplay mechanics better and the plot more elaborate. This remains the key to its success for so many years as a popular franchise – its ability to evolve, but remain recognizable.

Tomb Raider’s impact on the film Industry

Tomb raider film

These video games are famous in the global market, and thus, their movie adaptations in Hollywood were inevitable. In 2001, Lara Croft: The game Tomb Raider was then transformed into a motion picture where Angelina Jolie played an appealing hero. The film was a commercial success, it earned a rating of R 215,447,605 out of $312,855,305 at the global box office. The strength and charisma of Lara Croft was expertly portrayed by Angelina, who again played the role in the 2003 follow-up Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle.

cradle of life

With these films, Lara Croft enthroned herself as a worldwide known figure not exclusive to gamers any longer. They shared the action-packed sequences of Tomb Raider to the masses and proved what the video game industry is capable of achieving in delivering fruitful movie tie-ins.

As we have seen, Netflix understands the storytelling capabilities of video games well
and has adapted a few of them into series and movies. Notable examples include:


An animated series that is recognized for, once again, the dark themes,
and for staying loyal to the video Game developed by Konami.


The Witcher

Though it was conceived from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, it tends more
towards the CD Projekt Red video games with Henry Cavill on board.

The witcher

Resident Evil

Live action and animated spin offs featuring various aspects of the
Capcom survival horror game series.

resident evil
resident evil


A cartoon show sourced from “League of Legends”, praised for its graphical
appeal and character development.


Tomb Raider The Legend of Lara Croft Netflix release

Netflix Release Teaser

Now, Tomb Raider-The Legend of Lara Croft is on course to do the same with its Netflix premiere scheduled for 10th of October, 2024. This animated series which is currently featuring as a Legendary Television show is set to take fans through other aspects of the life of Lara Croft, providing them with more mystery, action and character depiction.

The events of the series will reveal new twists in the life of Lara Croft and remain true to the spirit of the games, as well as offer new things that will be interesting to both lovers of the game series and viewers who have not watched the film before.

tomb raider

The upcoming series will expand on different sides of Lara’s character, incorporating elements familiar from the games, but at the same time have elements fresh to the viewers of the show and the gamers. By leveraging high-quality animation and engaging storytelling, Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft is prognosticated to pave new path for all the video games turned television specials.

Tomb Raider Netflix

With its roots in a beloved video game series and a proven track record in film, Tomb Raider: Currently, Netflix is keen on producing The Legend of Lara Croft as a successful game adaptation. People also cannot wait for more information on what plot those series will have and who will be behind them. This new chapter of the Tomb Raider series, which contains the juice and action one would expect from the saga of the intrepid Lara Croft.

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