Exciting news as Senua’s Sage Hellblade 2 came out with Game Pass on Xbox Series X/S

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Senua's Sage Hellblade 2

Senua’s Sage Hellblade 2 is finally out for Xbox Series X/S’s game pass. Gamers all over the world were excited about the game, as it received a very positive response all over the world. With IGN giving it a whopping rating of 8/10, it received a 9/10 rating on Steam right after it was released. Releasing on May 21, 2024, the game became available on the Game Pass in no time.

Availability of the game

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The game is available on Xbox Series X and S, GeForce Now, and Microsoft Windows. It is also available as an Xbox PC game pass.

The game can be brought directly or accessed if someone owns it. PlayStation users went mad as most PlayStation games were ported to Microsoft Windows. The game “Ghost of Tsushima” has recently been ported to Microsoft Windows, yet Xbox exclusives like “Senua’s Sage Hellblade 2” and many more are a distant dream for PlayStation users.

Is Senua’s Sage Hellblade 2 coming out?

Yes, Senua’s Sage Hellblade 2 was launched for Windows and Xbox X/S on May 21, 2024. Ninja Theory developed the game, which is available for purchase or as a gamepass.

Senua's Sage Hellblade 2 Xbox Pass

Can I play Hellblade 2 without playing 1?

Yes, you can play Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2 without playing the first game, but it is highly recommended that you play the first game before jumping to the sequel. The game is highly focused on the main character, Senua, and her journey in dealing with grief, mental issues, and demons.

Hellblade 1 vs Hellblade 2

Is Hellblade 2 on PS5?

Unfortunately, the game is an Xbox exclusive and restricted to Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X/S. Xbox announced the game on Xbox Game Pass and released a video on their YouTube channel.

Release trailer of Senua’s Sage Hellblade 2 Xbox YouTube channel

With the game’s addition to the Game Pass, we may see a surge in players. The game is trending on SteamDB and may continue to trend over time.

Conclusion: May has been overwhelming for Microsoft Windows gamers. With the release of Senua’s Sage Hellblade 2 and the porting of Ghost of Tsushima on Windows PC, players have many options for choosing their favorite game.

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