Android 15 Will Have a New Desktop Feature: It Could Be Like Samsung Dex

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Google is working hard on Android 15 and is working hard to bring it out by the end of the year. In the world of smartphones, there is no other operating system that can compete with Android, although Apple gives tough competition to Google in this matter, and for some people, Apple is the first choice. Google can also introduce AI in the new Android 15.

Android 15 beta has not been rolled out yet, but the features of Android 15 are being predicted. However, detailed information about it can be found in Google I/O May 14, 2024. Talking about the forecast, features like satellite connectivity and screen recording detection can be seen in Android 15. But the biggest feature is going to be its desktop mode.

Android 14 has been spotted in QPR3 beta 2.1, and as per the report by the Android Authority, the next OS will be smoother and more user-friendly, which will be more useful and compatible when connected to external displays.

In this YouTube video from Android Authority, you can see how customisable the X (Twitter) and Firefox tabs are in desktop mode. These can be created as 2 separate tabs or manually selected and resized. There is an option to change the size in the side corner of every window. There is a simple small line, and after clicking on it, options will open in which the type of size you want to keep will be given. This can also be done manually.

It is working completely like a desktop, whose functionality is also excellent. Like Windows, here too a title bar is visible at the top, in which the name and icon of the app are visible. Like Windows, many types of apps and software can be used.

New Window Option in Android 15

According to the report, it has been seen in the new beta update that many options for multi-window have been given in the desktop mode of Android 15. The option of split screen, full screen, and free form mode is given, which is really comfortable and smooth. It will soon be made available to users. Currently, the app is still in testing, which may make it easier for developers.

Android 15 New Desktop Feature samsung-dex

This feature is especially awaited by those who do not have Samsung device cases. Samsung provides its users with desktop mode in DeX which is friendly and works very smoothly. The efficiency of Samsung DeX is also tremendous. This is good news for non-Samsung users, and they had been waiting for it for a long time. Some people are also speculating that the desktop mode of 15 will not be as efficient or strong in performance.

Desktop mode first appeared in Android 10 in 2019, which is already 5 years ago. In this way, any keyboard, mouse, or monitor could be connected via cable and run on the desktop. Samsung’s Dex was more advanced and compatible than this, due to which it became famous, and people called Samsung Dex more efficient.

Google is now bringing it back with new features by improving Android 15. Now it remains to be seen how efficient and friendly it will be. The new desktop mode can be given the feature of connecting through cable and also wirelessly. However, it is also clear that it will have to become stronger than the deck so that it can easily catch up with the common people. This is especially important for developers.

Google is quietly working on making it more friendly and useful. Google has introduced windowing, multitasking, and split screens so that multiple apps can be run simultaneously on the phone and remain optimised and controlled. For which Google’s team is working day and night.

This will also provide a good opportunity for Android to be a computer platform. In the future, bringing computers with Android OS will be no less than a revolution. Since the majority of people are Android users, they are also used to this OS. Google still needs to work harder to make the Android computer system. In which many features have to be kept in mind.

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