Bonding of Apple and Google: Apple Will Use Google’s Gemini for AI in iPhone

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Apple is finalising a deal with Google for its Gemini to make its phones and devices more advanced and faster with the help of AI. Apple is now going to use AI for its services and apps. Samsung has also introduced AI in its One UI 6.1 update. Samsung is further enhancing its smartphones with the help of AI. After joining hands with Apple and Google, it is also being speculated that there may be a revolution in future smartphones.

Apple WWDC 2024

At WWDC 2024, Apple is going to use Google’s generic AI Gemini to enhance and power other features in its upcoming iPhones. The talks about its AI with Google have been going on for a long time. Apple is also doing great work on its chipset. It seems quite likely that this could be seen in iOS 18. How Apple can use Gemini is also a topic of discussion.

google Gemini AI

Apple is famous for its smooth display, fast processor, and camera quality. Therefore, the company will improve the quality further with the help of AI. This AI will be a cloud-based generic AI. This would directly mean that this work will give better and more accurate results in data and storage. This internet-based AI will be able to compete with many big smartphone companies. The company is bringing some more changes to future smartphones, which will help enhance them further with the help of AI.

Apple Uses AI for Upcoming

On iOS devices, it remains to be seen which Google services it will replace after AI is introduced. If seen, Google and Google Chrome can be the first to get replacements among Google’s apps. Gemini in itself has the ability to give all the results. However, whether it will replace the browser or not is a later matter. There are many big premium browsers in iPhones which will be affected by this, such as big browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera, DuckDuck Go, etc.

Apple has also discussed this with OpenAI for AI. Currently, OpenAI is working for Microsoft. Microsoft’s AI capabilities have gotten a boost from this. It is mainly working on Microsoft products and services. Right now, it is a matter of discussion as to how AI will be branded. Every big tech company is working hard on AI and introducing it in its next update.

Technology analyst and former Apple marketing director Michael Gartenberg says the deal could be successful. However, there were some deals done before this too that were not successful. But this time, the chances seem quite high. The company is a big tech company that is ahead in both hardware and software.

Google has also announced that it will bring the Gemini Nano to its next smartphone, the Pixel 8. This revolution is going to happen when on-device AI can be used. This AI will be cloud-based, as The company also wants it in its smartphones.

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