Silent Hill 2 ESRB rating revealed, release date rumors and news

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Silent Hill 2 ESRB ratings, release date

Silent 2 is an upcoming video game developed by Bloober Team. This game will be a remaster of the 2001 Silent Hill 2 game, which was initially released by Team Silent, a part of the group in Konami Computer Entertainment, Tokyo.

While the original Silent Hill 2 was released for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows, the Silent Hill 2 remaster is set to release for only Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 5. The game is already available on Steam where you can add it to your wishlist. The game is also available on the PlayStation Store. Just like Steam, you may also add the game to your wishlist on the PlayStation Store.

While the casts are interesting, the game looks like it was made in 2014, and many people complain that Konami should’ve gotten the same budget as Resident Evil 2 received. One user wrote, “I can make a better Silent Hill experience using mods for Fallout 4” while another wrote, “Those combat animations looked really rough, like nothing has any impact. Hopefully, that’s polished up in the final release.”

While we were waiting for the game to release, Konami just announced their ESRB rating.

ESRB rating of Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 Rating

According to the ESRB, the game is rated as a “matured” rated game and you need to be at least 17+ of age. We can agree the game would be mature-rated as it is a horror game that may have violence and jump scares that will be inappropriate for underaged gamers.

Release Date

As per Konami, the release date is set in the year 2024. But we are not quite sure when the game will be released. According to some leaks, the game may be released in the second half of this year. The game looks like it may come in the next few months, as the ESRP ratings have been announced.


While Silent Hill 2 looks horrifying (not talking about the genre), we can always hope for the game to improve before the release date. It has always been written in history that video game trailers always look better than the actual gameplay, but here we can only hope that the game looks better than the trailer for Silent Hill 2.

You may check out the trailer for Silent Hill 2 below, which was uploaded by the YouTube channel of PlayStation.

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