EA FC 25 : 17 new features we want in the Career Mode.

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EA FC 25

EA FC 25, an upcoming video game developed by the EA, is something we will all eagerly await. The EA FC 25 release date has not been revealed yet, but we can expect it to be released in September or October, as they always release their games in the autumn of every year.

As most of you would know, the name EA FC 25 came from the FIFA games. If the agreement between FIFA and EA had gone well, we would know the EA FC 25 as FIFA 25. Since they changed the name, have they changed its gameplay? Quite not. People still stick to their older FIFA games because they don’t feel like EA FC 24 is worth upgrading.

Here are 15 new features to add in EA FC 25 Career Mode to make it more exciting

Club Customization

Club Customization EA FC 25

You can create your local club and place it in a league. Being an English Football fan, I always wanted to create a team of Mersyside to rival Liverpool like Red Bull Liverpool or a Prime Everton, and make the game more realistic, but will I find the Red Bull or Prime logo in the game? NO!

A lot of exciting logos and crests are missing, and having the power to customize your club is something we long for. The ability to upload designs and photos to use for club personalization is something we need. I once used ChatGPT to write a story about my football club and that club gave me the idea of a wine company from Bordeaux, but as the EA FC 24 lacks club customization, I couldn’t do it.

More Nations

India EA FC 24

We are desperate for new nations yet EA has reduced the national teams. We don’t even have all the top 10 teams in the game anymore. Brazil is a major missing piece, which makes the game look dull.

Having a player with 5-star skills, (likely a regen of Neymar) and you can’t see him getting called by his country for national teams? Most likely, that could be because the player was for Brazil. Another issue is fewer Asian and African nations in the game, which means no AFCON or Asian Games.

The thing we expect in EA FC 25 is that we need more national teams. Winning the World Cup with teams like India or Pakistan, who wouldn’t want that?

Individual Stats

EA FC 24 Stats

With all the latest FIFA games we are playing, you can see the stats of the teams who are competing against you in a league or cup tournament, but did you wish to see the stats of a different league? See how players are performing?

Once I was sacked out of Luton Town because I didn’t sign any Asian player during my stint (I won them a Premier League and FA Cup, got Elijah Adebayo to 85 rated, and had above $200 million profit margin), and after getting sacked, I was signed by a second division German club, however, the inability to check how my star player, Elijah Adebayo, was doing in his new club was a source of frustration.

To make the game more realistic, we expect EA FC 25 to show how well a player is doing in their respective clubs so that we can sign a player in form.

Another issue I faced with EA FC 24 was that I scored more than 39 goals in a Premier League season with Elijah Adebayo, but the game still announced Erling Haaland as the player with the most goals in a season. I REALLY HOPE EA FC 25 FIX THIS!


Global Transfer Network

Scouting is the backbone of a club. Playing counter-attack, search for a defender with 80-rated speed who can play as a striker in the time of need (just a weird fun thing I did). The Global Transfer Network is a vast and useful feature where you can search for a player according to your needs, but I feel like it can be more fun with more countries involved in it. More nations, more leagues, and more scouting. What else can we ask for? (you can. read the full article). To read more about Scouting Guides for your EA FC 24, Click here.

Or if you want to see how to make your career mode realistic in EA FC 24, Click here. I made a realistic career mode for Kerala Blaster FC.


1404435 full lnd 1

FIFA days were fun when we could customize a sponsor according to our needs. They would give us some objectives to fulfill, and voila, we will have a new sponsor. Days were good when we could set ticket prices to earn extra income, but sadly, those aren’t available in the current FIFA or EA FC games.
A sponsor and ticket pricing feature is something we’d like to see in EA FC 25.


The ability to see all-time scorers, assists, and appearances has never been available in FIFA games before. To check the all-time goalscorer, we need to open Wikipedia. A feature that features the top scorers of all time or players with the most appearances is a fun thing to expect.

Imagine you’re playing a player’s career mode in Barcelona and want to beat Lionel Messi’s all-time goalscoring record. Sounds fun, right? A feature where you can check your career mode stats and want to beat Arsene Wenger’s arsenal streak is something to dream of having in EA FC 25.

Community Creations

WWE Community creations

Sorry for uploading a WWE 2K game image, but what is a WWE game doing in the EA FC 25 article? Because WWE 2K games and Cricket are the only games that have a community creation feature.

For those who don’t know, Community Creation is a feature where users can create and upload custom players, stadiums, and almost everything else a game has. For example, EA FC 24 doesn’t have Liga MX (A Mexican league), and to have that, we can only hope for the upcoming EA FC games, downgrade to older EA FC games that had the league, or use mods, which are risky as they may block your account.

But with community creations, a user may create a league or teams, which you can download from the community centre and use in your career mode. Community creations are not only restricted to leagues; you may also use custom players that aren’t on the game, custom advertisements, logos, stadiums, crowds, and whatnot. This is something that may take EA FC 25 to another level.

Board Expectations

EA FC board expecation

Aren’t we all tired of the board expectations we need to fulfill? As written above, I once got sacked from Luton Town because I failed to buy some Asian players. A few objectives are ridiculous. Note that you have to complete the objectives to keep your manager rating high.

EA FC 24

I once got sacked because I loaned Ben Doak, and he grew up fast. His release clause was only set to $16m, and his market value rose to $82.5m.

Not only the current EA FC 24 has problems with boards and player contact negotiation. Once, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain told me that he was feeling homesick and wanted to leave Arsenal in FIFA 15.

I hope that in the coming EA FC 25, they will obliterate the board’s expectations.

Manager Transfers

I was stuck when my friend once showed me an image of Ronaldo managing a football club. I was shocked, as it was a massive deal for me. As a Liverpool fan, I was expecting Ronaldo to sign up as a manager for a different club and play against him, but that didn’t happen. I played EA FC 24, and once Ronaldo retired, he vanished from the game. I felt like I was fooled by my friend when I noticed that in order to play as Ronaldo, I had to first start a player career and then retire that player in order to get a contract.

What I want in EA FC 25 is that once the player retires, he randomly chooses a club to manage (preferably an old club or a lower-league club). Also, the manager changes clubs in real life; this doesn’t happen in all FIFA games.

While doing an experiment where I was trying to relegate Real Madrid (Sorry, Real fans), I signed all of their goalkeepers, and without a goalkeeper, the club got relegated. But I wasn’t surprised when I saw Don Carlo Ancelotti still managing Real Madrid as it was just EA FC 24, which doesn’t make me fail to get upset in terms of realism. All I can hope is to EA FC 25 gets realistic with this new update.

More Leagues

EA FC 24 leagues

EA has added a few leagues and removed many. La MX is a major missing in my case. It was a great league, and you can still find the players as Free Agents. I am happy that they added the Indian Super League, but more leagues will definitely make the game enjoyable. A few of the leagues that are a must are the Malaysia Super LeagueLiga Aperturaand Brasileiro Serie A.

The addition of more leagues will definitely make it more attractive for the people who support their local clubs and EA FC 25 more broadly.

Manager Rating

The manager rating makes me sick. The objectives are weird, and even when you do the quadriple, they may sack you because you fail to sign an Asian player (which happened to me). If they remove or improve the manager rating, I may still consider buying the upcoming EA FC 25 game.


EA FC 24 commentary

See these two commentators appearing during halftime? These all feel good but don’t give you the feeling of older FIFA games. I remember playing FIFA 14, and the commentators would harshly react if one of the team’s players was in poor form. The commentators would cheer for an in-form player and show sympathy if a player retired (I’m not sure if sympathy is the correct term).

Nowadays, the commentary feels like it’s being done by some NPC and doesn’t give the original feeling. Changing the commentators or adding these old features will definitely make EA FC 25 a better game.

Fixture Announcements

Oh, the good old fixture announcements. If you’re a player who has been playing FIFA games for a very long time, you will know that FIFA used to announce the fixtures. When I researched the person who announced it, I was saddened to hear that he expired. Bringing his voice back or bringing in a new announcer may create some controversies, but this is something worth experimenting with.


EA FC 25 kits

You could see the jerseys or kits the players of your team and the opposition were wearing until EA FIFA 23, but not anymore. EA FC 24 doesn’t have this feature, and to check the kits, you have to go to the customization option.

This feature in EA FC 24 is a big issue. Once, I was playing a match, and the opposition had the same kit color. I just had to guess my own players in order to have a draw (at least). The removal of this feature has created a lot of issues, and I hope that EA FC 25 comes out, just like FIFA 23.


The cinematic match preview is another major miss in EA FC 24. The feature was there in FIFA games till EA FIFA 23. EA announced that they removed this feature as most users skipped the intro. But it doesn’t feel good when the user is actually excited about a league or cup-deciding fixture. Please, EA, if you are reading this, restore it back to EA FC 25, even though many people tend to skip it.

Charity Matches

EA FC 25 Charity match

We have seen Ishowspeed tackle Kaka or Wrexham playing against the women’s teams, and we can’t expect EA to get the license of Ishowspeed, but we can expect to see legends playing in charity matches. Charity matches like those that happen will make EA FC 25 more realistic. 

Old Ui


Old FIFA games had a simple interface and great soundtracks. What fascinated me the most was the transfer deadline window. They had a list of all the players who were signed and sold by your clubs and the clubs in your league. Again, restoring this feature may increase the size of the game by a few megabytes but will make EA FC 25 look great.

EA FC 25/ FIFA 25 Conclusion

These feature will make EA FC 25 look great, And I’m willing to pay extra to have these features but as a FIFA or EA FC player, I highly doubt if they will do so as making so many changes will eventually give them no future upgradations.

Also special thanks to the Reddit community of r/FifaCareers who helped me with these suggestions.

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