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10 Ways to die in GTA San Andreas

In this article, we are going to find 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas. Five years after fleeing Los Santos to escape a gang war, Carl “CJ” Johnson returns home only to find his mother murdered and his old life in shambles. Corrupted cops frame him and force him on a journey across the vast and diverse state of San Andreas, taking in three major cities – Los Santos (based on Los Angeles), San Fierro (based on San Francisco), and Las Vegas. To save his family and take back control of the streets, CJ must reunite with his estranged friends and rebuild his life as a gangster.

1. Gravity

10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas Gravity in GTA San Andreas

If you play GTA San Andreas, You will definitely hate Gravity. You will do anything to fight against gravity by typing KANGAROO which lets you jump higher than an actual kangaroo.
CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG lets your car fly while FLYINGFISH makes your boat fly.
There are many more cheats that act against gravity, and in GTA San Andreas, I hate gravity.

Gravity is one of the 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas. If you fly and decide to jump out of a flying plane or helicopter, gravity will act and you will die; unless you’re not opening a parachute.

2. Heart Attack

Fat CJ Heart Attack

Like in real life, If you eat a lot in GTA San Andreas, You may die in one of the 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas. In the game, foods can be puchased in any of these fast food outlets: Cluckin’ Bell, Burger Shot and Well Stacked Pizza. (I’m not going to tell which fast food chain resembles the ones we go to eat in real life). Also don’t let CJ eat too much KFC. I heard some mods have KFC in it.

Just like in the game, If you eat a lot and don’t work out, you die. I’m sorry to tell the woke generation who defy body shaming but in game, you may die because of obesity (which is actually a reason for most of the death in America). Hit some gym along with your food in THE GAME.

If you want to try dying in the game with obesity and heart attack be the reason, Go to the fast food chains or just simply use the cheat BTCDBCB, this will get you maximum fat. Trying climbing something after that and you will die of heart attack.

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3. Explosion

explosion in GTA San Andreas

Love banging cars or yourself in it? Unlike GTA Vice City, you can’t press BIGBANG and make every vehicles near you or yourself in it go BOOM.

Getting exploded is one of 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas and its easy.

Don’t want to get fat and die out of heart attack? or tired of falling in from everything? How about now getting yourself in a monster truck or a heavy vehicle only to hit other gang members eventually to die due to the vehicle on fire or getting a 5 star wanted level to fight against other helicopters and jets to die in a fun way? Try explosion. Osama Bin Laden loved it!

4. Parachute

Parachute in GTA San Andreas

Did you know Parachutes are used when we are falling from a huge height? But also did you know that Parachute are one of 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas.

To get a parachute, you may either use the cheat AIYPWZQP or go to the tallest building. But the problem occurs when you jump from a height (only reason I know for which parachutes are used) and you hit the walls of the tall building, you die as you can’t open the parachute. If you dont time your parachute properly, you hit the ground and die. There are many videos of Parachutes fail which you will find on Youtube and they are quite hilarious.

5. Oxygen

Oxygen in GTA San Andreas

Oxygen; the thing we need to live. Even in the game, if you go underwater, you will need oxygen to survive.

To go underwater, Go to the beach or somewhere you can swim. Take a dive and you will feel desperate to get your oxygen. Thanks to the cheat, you can have unlimited oxygen by typing CVWKXAM.

Don’t use the cheat and die from the lack of Oxygen and if anybody asks, tell him/her/they/them/xazfasshf or whatever that you died due to lack of Oxygen.

Dying of Oxygen is no fun and it is one of 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas :((((

6. Fire

Fire in GTA San Andreas

I’d lie if I told you that I didnt get inside a fireburst in the game. It’s hella fun if you did that, but unfortunately, you can’t get the fire out from your body unless you give in a waterbody or if you don’t get help from the Fire trucks.

I always used the HESOYAM cheat, as it again increased my health. I get in fire only to enjoy CJ scream (something is wrong with me if I’m the only one who enjoys that). Also CJ’s mouth movement when he screams is super funny.

While the game wants to protect CJ with armor, which protects you while getting burned, but some people just want to watch CJ burn.

7. Game Glitch

No image on Game glitch, I’m sorry. Game glitched so bad I couldn’t capture the image of me dying. I tried to jump and I died. 🙁 Glitch is one of the 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas

8. Cheat Code

Instant Death in GTA San Andreas

Can’t take it anymore? Type GOODBYECRUELWORLD and say goodbye to your life. I wouldn’t sugggest you to do that irl but do this in game when you’re stuck with some bugs or don’t want to die with the above mentioned ways.

Please don’t use this in real life. I beg you!

9. Hunger

Dying of hunger in GTA San Andreas

An african dying of hunger? Rockstar, you can’t be serious but thats not something rockstar’s fault. They tried to make it realistic.

Give some food or KFC to CJ (in the modded version) if you want want him to die because of hunger because dying of hunger is also one of 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas

10. Damn Train!

Damn train CJ in GTA San Andreas

All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ! Something that we all faced while completing the mission in GTA San Andreas. Be honest, you must have died numerous times.

In GTA San Andreas, you can’t just directly drive a train. Sad, yet true but I have killed a lot and died a lot of times in train. There’s no cheat to make you immune to trains and hence it makes the train last of the 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas.

Honorable mention of 10 ways to die in GTA San Andreas :


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