EA FC 25 : 5 greatest clubs to be removed

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EA FC 25 5 teams to not feature

EA FC 25 is an upcoming football video game that will likely come out on September 27, 2024. The game will be published on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC Windows platforms. Like EA FC 24, EA FC 25 will remove some of the greatest clubs from its game and won’t even feature in “Rest of the World.”

Reason for removal of Clubs in EA FC 25

Clubs are removed when they fail to stay in their league and gets relegrated to a league which aren’t licenced to the EA FC game. Few clubs are renamed because of the licence issue even after they put a decent perfomance in their league. Few of those clubs which got renamed are mostly from the Italian leagues. One example of such clubs is Atalanta which is renamed to Bergamo Calcio.

Note that PES (currently know as eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer) too had to rename the clubs for which they couldn’t get the licence. Example of such clubs are Liverpool Red (Liverpool FC), Liverpool Blue (Everton).


Vitesse FC

SBV Vitesse Arnhem, also known as Vitesse, is a Dutch football club in the Eredivisie. A few days ago, the club received a massive 18-point deduction, which will relegate it to the Dutch second-division league. As EA FC 25 wouldn’t have the Eerste Divisie (the second-division Dutch league), the game won’t feature Vitesse.

Vitesse will be a significant miss, as they had famous top-class players like Nemanja Matic, Wilfred Bony, Bertrand Traore, Lewis Baker, Mason Mount, and one of the top scorers of the 2023–24 Premier League season, Dominic Solanke.

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Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green

Forest Green is an English team at the bottom of Football League Two and is set to be relegated. The team won’t feature in the game since EA FC 25 won’t have the National League.

The name Forest Green Rovers signifies its sustainability and love of the environment. According to the United Nations Climate Change, Forest Green Rovers took significant steps to reduce carbon footprints. Besides the carbon footprints, Forest Green Rovers appeared in the FA and Carabao Cup and featured some performances that disappointed the big Premier League clubs.

Sutton United

Sutton United F. logo

Another club from Football League 2 that won’t be available on EA FC 25 is Sutton United. We remember Sutton United mainly from their performance against Arsenal, where they lost by 2-0, but they made their mark with Wayne Shaw, the former Sutton United goalkeeper, eating a pie between the match.

Since EA FC 25 won’t have the National League, Sutton United and Forest Green Rovers won’t feature in the game.

Valenciennes FC

Valenciennes FC

Valenciennes FC is a French club that plays in League 2. Valenciennes FC sits at the bottom of the league, and as EA FC 25 won’t have Ligue 3, the team won’t feature in the game. Valenciennes FC hasn’t won any Ligue 1 titles but has won Ligue 2 on two occasions. The club has played 40 seasons in the first division and 36 seasons in the second division, eventually falling to the third division and getting removed from the game.



Livingston is a Scottish club that plays in the Scottish Premiership but is currently bottom of the league. As EA FC 25 won’t have the 2nd division of the Scottish league, Livingston will be removed from the game. Livingston is the only undefeated club in European competition at their home from this list.


All of those above clubs are getting removed from EA FC 25 but I’m mostly upset about Forrest Green Rovers as it was the fan favourite club for career mode. Even if they are removing the club, an addition to “Rest of the world” would do it for the fans.

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