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Apple Rolls Out iOS 17.5 Beta 1: What’s New in This Update?

By Amit
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Apple, the world’s largest tech company, is always seen taking care of its users. The company released the new iOS 17.5 Beta 1. A company known for its software, hardware, smoothness, and speed. Apple claims that it will keep providing data in each of its device cases for 4 years. Be it new iOS or security updates, Apple has taken care of its users. Other companies are also following the same path and claiming the best experience for their users.

What is a Beta Program?

What is a Beta Programme?

Apple has rolled out its new developer beta update, 17.5. This update will be available only to those users who are developer beta testers. The new update’s build number for iOS 17.5 beta is 21F5048f. Updates are always rolled out in 3 versions: first, the developer beta program is available to the users, then, after fixing some bugs in the same update, it is rolled out in public beta; and finally, it is rolled out for everyone. Those who are not beta testers get this subdata last. These updates are given so that beta users can give feedback using this updated version, and the bugs left in the update can be fixed and rolled out again in the public beta.

After this, reviews are also taken from users in public beta. Even after the developer beta, if any bugs remain or new features do not work properly, they are fixed. Finally, the update with all the improvements has been rolled out to the general public. Every user can update and use new features.

However, beta updates should be done only by those who have good knowledge about technology and new things. Many types of bugs are seen in these updates, which can trouble normal users. Not only bugs are seen in the new update, but improvements and new features are also provided. Bugs left in some public updates are fixed in the next update.

What’s New in Apple iOS 17.5 Beta Update

iOS 17.5 Developer Beta
iOS 17.5 Developer Beta Update

Third Party Apps

The biggest update has come for European countries which were demanding third party apps apart from Apple’s App Store for a long time. In such a situation, Apple has given the option of third-party app only for European countries. For this, users will be able to install third party apps from the internet itself. Although there is a demand for this feature all over the world, the European country had also imposed a heavy fine on Apple due to which Apple had to bring this feature.

Apart from Apple’s App Store, to download and install an app, you will now be able to go to the website of the concerned app and download and install that app. This is called “web distribution”. To install any third party app, those apps will have to follow all the terms and conditions of Apple. The company will not be lax in its security guidelines due to the convenience of third party apps, which app developers will have to build the app as per their guidelines.

Apps can also be downloaded from those websites which the developers have registered by connecting to the App Store. It will also provide APIs for integration and functionality with Apple’s systems. However, no developer has listed the apps on it yet. Right now, there is little possibility of its coming soon, it is estimated that this facility may start after May.


In this new update, along with many bugs, some new and great features have also been given. For gaming enthusiasts, Apple has introduced a dedicated game mode in iOS 17.5. This update will be seen only in iPhone 15 series, because this update has been prepared for this model because it will work on A17 Bionic processor only.

For gaming enthusiasts, the graphics and performance have been improved which will further enhance the gaming experience. This will give the quality of combat to a gaming console. Currently it is in early phase which will be released soon in new update.


The new update has also brought new features in Siri. Now with the help of Siri you will be able to send messages in many languages. It’s easy to send and read messages in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and more.


Apple’s security is considered to be the strongest which has been further enhanced by Apple. Now it will ask for two step verification only at those places which it does not recognize. Like you are at home or office where there is a regular location trace that Apple recognizes. Apart from such places, if anywhere else Apple will use two steps of verification. Which will be verified through OTP, security question or other methods.

Design & Look

Also worked on the design in iOS 17.5 beta and made minor design upgrades. Looks a little better than before.

  • The reading bar in Apple’s Books app has been given a round shape. It shows the reading of books in the reading goal.
  • A new icon has arrived for Passcase Access for web browsers. Earlier it used to do a simple show without icons, now it has been made more attractive by giving icons. It’s in Privacy & Security in Settings.
Passkey and Web Browsers
Passkey and Web Browsers
  • Work has been done on changing color in the podcast. This color will change depending on the podcast in progress. This podcast keeps observing the artists and also changes the colors accordingly.
Podcast Color Changes
Podcast Color Changes

New and special updates have been found in Apple’s new iOS 17.5 Beta 1. According to the size of the update, not many special features have changed. But this is a special update. However, those users who are on 17.4.1, there is no special need for this new update. If they want to upgrade for some new features, they can.

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