iPhone 16 Pro & Pro Max CAD Renders Show off New Button, Bigger Display Size, and More

iPhone 16 Pro will comes with new Capture Button. The major update with the iPhone 16 is camera centric Phone ever.

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The world’s biggest mobile manufacturing and tech company, Apple, is going to make some new changes to its iPhones this time. Just a few months ago, Apple launched its latest smartphone, the 15. The latest Apple iPhone 15 has received a great response, and now there is good news for Apple fans for the Apple iPhone 16 in its new avatar. Every year, Apple makes some slight changes to its new iPhones and launches them on the market, but this time it seems that Apple will bring something new.

iPhone 16 Pro New Capture Button

It has been revealed in Apple’s Lux that, like last year, a new button will be added to the iPhone 16 Pro, which is going to be launched in September this year. Last year, Apple introduced the action button in its iPhone 15, in which users can set the feature of the action button as per their choice. This time on the new Apple iPhone 16 Pro, another new button is being added below the lock button on the right side.

91Mobiles reports that the CAD renders show a familiar design language with another button below the lock button on the right side of the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 Pro. Like the 15 Pro, the body of the iPhone 16 Pro will also be made of titanium. Changes will be made along the same lines for the next smartphones. However, some changes will be made to this as well. Like, another new button will be added to this year’s new iPhones, which will highlight only this feature.

New Camera “Capture Button”

If we look at the reports from industry sources, the function of the new button may be related to camera and video recording. This button is being called the “Capture Button”. It will be just below the power button so that it can provide convenience while capturing photos and videos. By adding this button, it is clear that Apple will focus on the camera in its new Apple iPhone 16 and will also increase the zooming capacity.

This time, Apple is focusing on camera-centric smartphones. This button will have the ability to trigger photos and videos, as well as control zoom and focus. This button will have the capability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, which will make it special for next year’s phones. Along with this, changes will be made to the action button.

The size of the action button on the new iPhone 16 will be increased at the Apple event WWDC in September this year. The action button will be made slightly larger, keeping the features in mind. Since the action button is used for many functions and it is above the volume button, users usually press the volume button instead of the action button, seeing as Apple will make it a little bigger, which will be convenient. Along with this, it has also been proposed to increase the size of the phone this time.

There will be a slight increase in the size of the Apple iPhone 16 Pro as compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. If we look at last year’s iPhone, the size of the phone is 146.6x 70.6×8.25 mm, and the size of the iPhone 16 Pro will be 149.6×71.4×8.4 mm. Due to this, it will be slightly longer, thinner, and thicker than last year’s 15 Pro.

iPhone 16 Pro Camera Bump

The camera bump has been one of the biggest challenges for Apple users since the iPhone 11 of 2019. Apple’s camera bump is quite large, due to which the problem of reading scratches on the camera has been the biggest problem when keeping the phone on a flat surface. A camera bump can be estimated from the fact that when the phone is kept on a flat surface, the entire phone remains raised from the front due to the camera. However, this is due to the larger size of the sensor.

This bump is now being seen on other phones as well. Now Samsung smartphones are also getting camera bumps. The Samsung S24 Ultra also has a big bump, but its bump is slightly smaller than that of the iPhone.

The same three-camera setup will be given to the upcoming phone. There will be a complete setup of the LiDAR model with 3 camera sensors and a flash with a microphone. The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have a 5x telephoto camera. The iPhone 15 Pro was given a 3x telephoto lens, compared to which this time it is going to get a slightly better zooming capability.

However, Apple has installed so many sensors in the camera and has also made the camera bump so big that there is no longer enough space left for any setup or sensor. However, a 48MP camera will be provided for an ultra-wide angle, due to which the photo quality will be much better.

Console Gaming on iPhone 16

The iPhone 16 is going to be special for those who do gaming. Console gaming can also be seen on the new iPhones. Big games can be played easily by placing consoles on both sides of the iPhone. This phone will be very special for gamers who want to make a career in gaming and streaming. Gaming becomes easier with consoles, giving gamers more options to control the game. Resident Evil, PUBG, COD, and games with big graphics can also be played easily.

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