WWE 2K24 : New Features and the Best Features about Older WWE Games

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Best Thing About Every Single WWE 2K Game till WWE 2K24

WWE games release almost every year and every game has something special. ( Unlike the football games, which gets hated because they have the same gameplay and cost a fortune.) Here’s a summary or a list of best thing about every single WWE 2K game till WWE 2K24.

1. WWE 2K14 : Defeat The Streak

WWE 2K14 Defeat the steak

After THQ announced that they would no longer publish any WWE games, 2K came and it was a legendary start for the company. It felt like the game that we finally got the series where it needed to be once again.

One of the things that 2K14 did so well was its 30 years of Wrestlemania mode which let you play through some of the most memorable matches in Wrestlemania history. Every WrestleMania from 1 to 29 was covered, which spans through multiple errors in WWE history It left us with a legendary roster that will be hard to ever top again and whilst this mode was good, it was a specific mode within 30 years of WrestleMania that amazed us enough to have it as the best thing in 2K14 that mode being defeat the streak in the defeat the streak mode.

You’ll be tossed with doing what was Unthinkable at the time defeating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania as you can imagine it was no easy task at all this would be a super Undertaker with its own special AI specifically for this mode the lights could go off at any point an Undertaker (just like the pokemon games where a wild pokemon appears) will appear behind you he could randomly get through finishes or put you in the Hell’s Gate when you tried to go for a pin the mode is still talked about fondly to this very day and many 2K fans have been wanting to see this mode return in a different style possibly a defeat Roman Reigns. While WWE 2K24 has storyline, An Undertaker storyline is still missing in the Universe mode.

This makes it a list of one of the Best Thing About Every Single WWE 2K Game till WWE 2K24

2. WWE 2K15 : Universe Mode

wwe 2k15 universe mode

2K fans have been wanting to see this mode return in a different style possibly a defeat Roman Reigns mode WWE 2K15 Universe story selector going from one of the most well-known features to one of 2k’s most underrated features.

While WWE 2k24 also has the universe mode, The WWE 2k15 was the first WWE game to induct the Universe mode and it felt differently good.

2K15 was Infamous for being the not so great start for the 2K games on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Many fans were disappointed at the incredible amount of features that had been removed from the jump to PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

There were no more Inferno special referee or I Quit match types and even creating a woman’s wrestler was impossible. This was something you could easily do on the PS1 and whilst 2K15 had its many negatives it had a positive change to universe mode.

2K14’s universe mode rivalries were added for the first time (which we still have in the latest WWE 2k24 game) and 2K15 expanded on this new feature by allowing players to choose their story line each story line had different scenarios and outcomes and players of WWE 2K15 loved this feature which made its removal from universe mode quite surprising at the time no such feature would be seen again in universe mode until WWE 2K23 and still is in WWE 2K24.

3. WWE 2K16 : Stone Cold Showcase

wwe 2k16 stone cold showcase

A showcase mode (which we still have in WWE 2K24) has been a great way to relive WWE’s biggest moments as well as the careers of some of the biggest superstars in WWE history however we feel that no career was showcase any better than Stone colds in 2K16 everything was covered. In this Showcase from his early ring Master days to his WCW days to even having an ECW match showcase within the mode the care that was put into Stone Cold showcase will be hard to match and in our opinion it hasn’t been matched yet.

It didn’t matter if certain match types were not in 2K16, showcase Mode still had them covered like how we could recreate the buried alive match between Stone Cold and The Undertaker.

4. WWE 2K17 : Backstage

wwe 2k17 backstage

WWE 2K7 backstage and one of the things that was so loved in the old PS2 era WWE games was being able to go backstage during a match (not available in WWE 2K24) and doing crazy spots throughout the backstage area and in some cases even taking the fight outside and the train station. Yes a train station! 2K17 didn’t go that far when it brought back the backstage areas but it did a pretty good job with it you could take the fight to the gorilla position locker rooms and even Vince’s office the backstage area.

5. WWE 2K18 : 8 Man Matches

wwe 2k18 8 men match

WWE 2K18 had the feature of 8 Man matches. ( which is still available on WWE 2k24). Before WWE 2K18, the number of people were not upto 8 men and it was later introduced in WWE 2K18 where you could have Tag Team matches, Elimination Tag as the photo says, Battle Royale and so on.

People reported that having an 8 men match slows down their Playstation 4 and Xbox console.

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6. WWE 2K19 : My Career Mode

WWE 2k19 Career Mode

The 2K9 had a bunch of great additions to the game which we still have in WWE 2K24, like updated cage and Hell in a Cell matches fiveman matches Triple-threat tag matches custom money in the bank briefcase, different money in the bank cashings and the list goes on and on. That’s why WWE 2K9 is one of the most beloved 2K games ever. (Probably my favourite game on the list so far). The thing that fans asked for was my career mode to be more similar to that of the Road to WrestleMania days of SmackDown versus Raw with a fully voiced career mode that had different story lines to play through. 2K19 finally gave us that back with the career mode being a fully original story with many WWE Superstars voicing their characters, the story itself was fun and an enjoyable playthrough enjoyable enough to earn its place as a best best thing in WWE 2K19.

7. WWE 2K20 : Weapon Wheel


We’ve said all that we’ve needed to say about the lows of 2K20. So now it’s time to actually say something good about it. There’s not much but there’s still something that 2K20 introduced that players of 2K love seeing in the game to this very day (still available in WWE 2k24) WWE 2k20 introduced a custom weapon wheel in matches and this allowed players to pick whatever weapons they wanted to see under the ring. In matches longer were you stuck with a generic set of list of weapons in the weapon wheel but this feature actually got updated to be much better after the game was released. It was a pretty solid feature. This update made it great after the update you had no limits on the weapons that you could put on the weapon wheel. So you want six chairs go for it six tables? Not a problem at all. It’s hard to praise WWE 2k20 for being such a bad 2K game but this feature definitely deserved its praise as the best thing in 2K20

8. WWE 2K22 : Visual Effects

2K22 is literally the reason why we had to jump from 2K20 to 2K22 as the game was so bad that 2K21 got cancelled. However, with that time away, 2K managed to do something that the players of the game had complained about for years and rightly so, the character models in the previous games looked horrible. Some looked nothing like the actual WWE Superstars other than looking legitimately fright in. It was to the point that actual Superstars were actually posting on social media about how bad the models looked this time away allowed for the character models to be leveled up in a way never seen in a WWE game before characters actually looked incredibly accurate for once and no longer did we have to put up with Edge models that would scare us because they look so bad. Glad that since then till WWE 2K24, the models look realistic.

9. WWE 2K23 : War Games

WWE 2k23 : War Games

Now the last game on this list before WWE 2K24 is last year’s 2K23 which ended up being the best rated WWE game in over 16 years the days of 2K20 were truly in the past by now and WWE 2K23 followed up very well on the things that 2K22 did so well, 2K23 even added a brand new match type for the game for the first time in many years war games had been highly requested for so long and it felt like this would just never happen.

Fortunately, 2K managed to make it work and it did so at the right time as War Games would become a feature within the main roster in the WWE rather than being an NXT exclusive the war games match was done pretty much to perfection in 2K23. It’s right to feel like some things could be missing so they can call them upgrades in future games but everything really does feel perfect here fighting between the two rings climbing the cage, bringing weapons to the match, everything is here the only thing that is really missing is a match being limited to only eight men hopefully in the future PS5 and Xbox series X.

10. WWE 2K24 : What’s New?

wwe 2k24 news

MyRise is one of the newest feature in WWE 2K24 as it will feature two unique stories, one for the men’s division and another for the women’s, which will allow players to take their created Superstars from the Performance Center to the main event of WrestleMania.

Also it has newest features like Creating a Referee, Working Elevator throught which you can go from each floor of the building to another (and bring weapon with you), You can now use whole sets of weapons like Shoes, Slimjeam, Guitars in Hell in a Cell, Fireballs.

New Sets of matches which were only available in older WWE 2K games, like the Ambulance Match, Casket Match. New gameplay where you can dive on 3 People at once and Visual Effects where blood spills and stays on Floor.

There are lots of new features in the WWE 2K24 game but these are the top few which I picked.

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