FIFA 2K25 coming as 2K Games finalized their deal with FIFA? News and Rumors

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FIFA 2K25 Concept cover

FIFA 2K25 coming? 2K Games is famous for its sports games genre games. They have reportedly finalized their deal with FIFA for FIFA video games. EA Sports developed earlier FIFA games, but after almost 3 decades, the ties between EA and FIFA stopped due to financial disagreement and differing expectations for a new agreement. EA’s last FIFA game was FIFA 23, later to produce more football games named EA FC. EA FC 24 is their latest football game.

2K games in depth and FIFA 2K25 expectations


2K games are famous for their sports and simulation games, like NBA 2K and WWE 2K. Their other notable games are Bioshock, Borderlands, Carnival games, Mafia, Sid Meier’s Civilization, XCOM, and many more. With the deal between the 2K games and FIFA, we can expect stiff competition between EA and the 2K games. It will be exciting to see EA FC 25 competing against FIFA 2K25 (if they release the game in the future), Ultimate Football League (another upcoming game), and eFootball.

Is 2K making FIFA?


According to the reports, 2K has secured the official license from FIFA to create the next FIFA video game. Unfortunately, 2K might not make a football game named FIFA 2K25 this year, but according to sources, a LEGO football game coming this year is called LEGO 2K Goal, which has no ties to FIFA games yet.

However, CentralGoals on X (previously known as Twitter) has posted a tweet quoting the secured deal between FIFA and 2K games, only to be fact-checked by X, which says that “2K is making a football/soccer game this year like the source claims, but the leaked info the source is referring to is actually about a leaked LEGO game, called LEGO 2K GOAL And has no ties to FIFA as of yet

Central Goals on X

LEGO 2K Goal


Since FIFA 2K25 won’t be coming anytime soon, gamers may still enjoy LEGO 2K Goal, as according to the leaks, the game will be coming this year. The game may feature 1-4 players (4 online players) mode.

According to Gameatsu, the game will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.


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Stay tuned to more news and rumors on FIFA 2K25.

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