EA FC 24 Offside Not Working in Career Mode: Solution and Fix

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EA FC 24 Offside Not Working

EA FC 24 Offside Not Working in Career Mode: EA FC 24 is a football-themed sports video game developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania and published by EA Sports. Previously known as FIFA, EA has decided to rename the game to EA FC. Even though the name changed, the gameplay remained almost the same as previous FIFA or EA FC games, but the name game came with many bugs and glitches.

With bugs and glitches like an invisible goalkeeper, the game crashed while releasing the coaches and many more; the game was almost unplayable. While EA FC 25 fixed most of the bugs, many users still have the “EA FC 24 Offside Not Working” problem.

Solution and fixes of EA FC 24 Offside Not Working

Turn on Offsides

EA FC 24 offside

To turn on the Offsides, go to the home menu and select Accessibility from the top left of the menu. In Accessibility, head to Rules in Game Settings and turn on Offsides. This is the basic fix that should fix your game. Turn on Handball and put Referee Strictness to Strict to make the game more realistic.

Ultimate team

EA FC 24 saved game location

Another fix of EA FC 24 Offside that helped others is going to the Ultimate team and playing a match online. As Ultimate Team is an online service, you must be connected to the internet. Note that online matches don’t cause this problem, and once you exit the Ultimate Teams, the career mode should work well.

Deleting Saved Data

As tried on others, deleting Saved Data of EA FC 24 has solved the issue of EA FC 24 Offside Not Working. To delete Saved Data of EA FC 24, go to Documents, select FC 24 > right click > click delete. Once you reopen the game, it will work as you brought it the first time, and your issues will disappear. Note that cloud sync will restore the saved game, and it is recommended that the process be done offline.


The author has tried the above solutions, and they were helpful to him. The article may reflect the author’s view on the topic, and if the problem persists, the reader is advised to contact EA customer support. To visit the customer support, click here.

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