Horizon Forbidden West: 6 Best Cheats

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Horizon Forbidden West cheat

Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Spoiler alert: for the people who haven’t played Horizon Zero Dawn or left the game because it was too tough, please stay away! In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy finishes her job and finally understands that Aloy is the genetic clone of 21st-century roboticist and engineer Dr. Elisabet Sobeck.

Aloy returns to Horizon Forbidden West, venturing into the dangerous, uncharted lands beyond the Sundom. A mysterious red blight corrupts the biosphere, and hostile new machines stalk the wilds. Aloy must brave storms, explore vibrant ruins, and uncover the secrets of this forbidden frontier to save a dying world.

What are cheats?

Video game cheats are shortcuts or tricks that give players an unfair advantage. They can be codes entered within the game, external programs, or exploiting bugs. In single-player, they might make things easier, like infinite ammo. In multiplayer, they ruin the fairness, like seeing through walls or having perfect aim.

Is cheating in a game ethical?

The answer is: It depends.
If you cheat in an online game, whether it is competitive or casual, you will get banned by most of the game companies. Even if you don’t, you’ll get lots of b*tches from the other players. Today, many games come with an anti-cheat engine, which blocks a game from using any third-party cheating software or blocks users from using a cheat script.

But many games has cheats built in, They want people to use the cheat and have some fun. For example, in Grand Theft Auto Games, you can use cheats to gain health, weapons, jetpacks, vehicles and what not. In Crysis, you can be a god!

So it depends. In online games, cheating is bad. Everything is bad, which makes your life fun and ruins others. In offline games, it’s not! Do whatever makes it fun for you!

Do Horizon Forbidden West cheats exist?

Technically NO! Horizon Forbidden West doesn’t have any cheat like the ones we find Grand Theft Auto games or even in shooting games like Crysis. But if you’re playing Horizon Forbidden West to enjoy the game storyline, I have a solution for you.

image 7

As Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the hardest game to beat because you couldn’t change your difficulty till the update came (even in the update, you could just reduce it till easy), Horizon Forbidden West is way easier. It has the difficulty of “story,” which is even easier than “easy.”.

How do I cheat in Horizon Forbidden West?

Even though the difficulty level of Horizon Forbidden West is not as high as their previous game, you will still face high-level machines and bosses and will want to be a GOD in the game. For that, you need to install “Cheat Engine” first. Cheat Engine is open-source software and doesn’t contain any viruses. Few anti-virus programs still recognize it as virus, which is a false positive. So I’d recommend you turn off your protection until the installation is completed.

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Cheat Table

After the installation, start your Horizon Forbidden West game and open your Cheat Engine software.


Click as shown in the image and select the Horizon Forbidden West game. After selecting the game, download the cheat table from the fearlessrevolution site.

image 11

As you now have the script running, enjoy your game. As the game updates, the cheat may not work and give you an error, but new cheat tables are constantly being updated on the site.

As you may see, the game is now on 100 levels, and that’s before finishing the first mission. That’s the only way you can use the Horizon Forbidden West cheat.

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