Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Update : Best 3 Biggest Issue Fixed

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Call of Duty warzone mobile update

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile was released just few weeks ago, and it wasn’t a very good start to call of duty in to their Warzone mobile. Many people complaint that the game had issues. People believe that the developers didn’t focus much and released the game before it was even finished (reminds of Cyberpunk 2077).

How bad was Call of Duty Warzone Mobile when initially released?

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile was a disaster when it was initially released. They really need to optimize this game, as even flagship phones are starting to heat up. I tried this game on my Samsung S23 Ultra and on the Apple iPhone 13. My phone heated up a lot while playing Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. While the Samsung S23 Ultra heated up a lot, the Apple iPhone 13 produced a little less heat. The game felt laggy on both phones. 

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile stream download

It’s being said that the game feels laggy because of Stream Download, which downloads high-resolution texture packs in the background. Keep in mind that activation downloads these packs without the knowledge of the user. 

The game is specially optimized for iPhones that are above 13 series, i.e., the iPhone 14 series and the iPhone 15 series.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile : Control Issue!

Before the update, the game was pretty hard to control. I had to connect my Xbox One controller to my mobile phone to play the game. I faced a few opponents or bots (not sure), and they were very easy to kill. They must have played the game without using any controller; otherwise, even a 7-year-old plays better than that.

3 Biggest Issues Fixed in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

  1. Rendering

Source of the image : Warzone Mobile leaks

The game had graphics issues where the game felt blurry to a point. The latest Call of Duty Warzone mobile update has fixed the issue, and as you may see above, the detailed rendering is clearly noticeable now, which wasn’t before the update. 

It’s more noticeable in the high-to-max graphics settings of the game (only if you can run the game on that setting on your phone; if you do, congrats!). The blurriness of the game has decreased a lot, which makes the game clearer than before.

2. Gameplay

Since the new Call of Duty Warzone mobile update has been released for both Android and iOS, the game gameplay has gotten smoother. The game earlier felt laggy, especially on Android phones, but the latest update makes it feel like the gameplay has been made smoother. I can’t say it for sure as I haven’t checked it, but I personally feel like the FPS of the game has increased, and I finally feel like the game has optimized well, if not fully optimized. 

The swiping delay that was there in the earlier game has decreased after the latest update and that’s why the control now feels much more improved than ever before.

The game had heating issues, which made people think their phones may blast in any second if they continue to play the game. After the recent Call of Duty Warzone mobile update, the heating issue has been reduced to absolute zero as the team optimized the game in their update. After the update, I tried playing a few matches on my Samsung S23 Ultra and didn’t feel any heat, which was there and significantly more than the Apple iPhone 13 before the update.

3. Sliding has been reworked

In the last Call of Duty Warzone mobile update, the sliding of the game has been reworked. You can cover much more area while sliding, and the slide cancellation has also been optimized.

But there’s one downside people are facing after the Call of Duty Warzone mobile update. The downside is that matchmaking failures have been experienced by many on different servers out there. A few people have also complained that it’s taking forever to get into a match now.

But All I have to say after the recent update is that the game has finally started to look decent.

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