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Skyline 2 DLC

Skyline 2 is a strategic city-building game where players design and manage their own virtual cities. The game typically involves balancing various factors, such as infrastructure development, resource management, and population growth, to create a thriving metropolis. Players often have to contend with challenges such as budget constraints, environmental concerns, and maintaining citizen happiness. It is mainly made for people who are interested in building and want to make there own city.

Skyline 2 : A Disgrace

The developer of this game was Colossal Order Ltd. and it was published by Paradox Interactive. It was launched on October 24, 2023. When it launched in October, the sequel to the best city builder around garnered a mountain of criticism thanks to its wonky simulation and significant performance issues. The players are thinking this problem will be solved, but it has been a long time since the company has solved anything yet. Because of this, the game is still getting a bad review. People are as dissatisfied as Cyberpunk 2077’s initial release. At least I am.

Beach Properties DLC : Worth Buying?

It is a heavy DLC to lead with. It was released on March 25, 2024, and cost around $6.58. It’s an asset pack, so it doesn’t introduce any new features instead throwing a waterfront zone, a bunch of new growable buildings, six signature buildings, and, er, four trees into the mix. Despite the name, it doesn’t actually include beaches, and the assets have been criticised for mostly being a bunch of regular houses. The first bit of post-launch DLC, Beach Properties, has just riled players up again.

In Skyline 2, there are 5 DLCs. The paid one is a beach property, which is not worth buying, imo. Skyline 1 is much better than Skyline 2. It is like we are comparing Fortnite and Free Fire. At least the company has added modding to the game to the point that modders got early access to ensure the Steam Workshop was full of them at launch, so their absence this time was disappointing. At least they’re here now. Since this is still in the beta phase, map and code mods can now be created and shared, but it’s not yet possible to import assets, which should’ve been a big part of the first game’s modding scene.

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Inside the DLC

As said, the DLCs were a massive fail and a disappointment to the Skyline 2 players. The DLC, titled ‘Beach Properties’, includes:

  1. No beaches.
  2. 10 North American residential buildings with 3 levels (30 assets).
  3. 10 European residential buildings with 3 levels (30 assets).
  4. 6 signature buildings.
  5. 4 new trees.

Lies behind Skyline 2

Prior to the release of the Skyline 2 DLC : Beach properties, The developer said that they wouldn’t release any new paid DLC till they fixed the game to the required standard. Since the game was or is still heavily criticized by the gamers, they promised to fix it up to the standard. But did they? NO! Cities: Skylines 2 studio Colossal Order couldn’t pledge their words.

Hallikainen, Colossal Order CEO, ended by pledging the studio won’t “release new paid content for Cities: Skylines 2 before the outstanding performance issues are fixed to our standards.” It’s unclear exactly what the developer’s standard threshold was, but definitely not what I personally was expecting.

In closing, Hallikainen made a promise that the company will not “release new paid content for Cities: Skylines 2 until the performance issues that remain are fixed to our standards.”


Skylines 2’s first DLC has increased toxicity in its community, yet I’m still hopeful that Cities: Skylines 2 will grow into a city builder that’s just as essential as its predecessor, but nearly half a year after launch, it still has the air of an early access game.

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