Cricket 24 Error Code NW12029B64-1F128 Fix and Solution

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Cricket 24 is a sports game with a few bugs and issues. Cricket 24 Error Code NW12029B64-1F128 Fix is one of the bug fixes we will discuss in this article. Cricket 24 was developed by Big Ant Sports and published by Necon and Bigben Interactive S.A.

Cricket 24 Error Code NW12029B64-1F128 Fix

Before applying these fixes, make sure your internet connection is turned on. The game requires an active internet connection, and one of the reasons for the error may be your internet connection. So turn on your internet before playing the game or applying the fix.

Fix #1

Cricket 24 Error Code NW12029B64-1F128 Fix
  1. Type CMD in the search bar and open the Command Prompt. Make sure to run the command prompt as an administrator.
  2. After entering the command prompt, type ‘netsh winhttp show proxy’
  3. If it displays numbers such as, run the following command ‘netsh winhttp reset proxy’.

Once done, it may fix your issue, as this fix has solved the issues of most players.

Fix #2

Cricket 24 Error Code NW12029B64-1F128 Fix

If the above fix didn’t solve your issue, verify the files. For Steam users, select your game from the library, right-click and select properties, and verify the integrity of game-files.

Cricket 24 Error Code NW12029B64-1F128 Fix

Fix #3

If the problem persists, go to Big Ant’s support page and sign up using the email you use for Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, or any other email you used to purchase the game. Activate the account and try relaunching the game.

Fix #4

The fix is most likely to be resolved using the following fixes, but if the problem still persists, you may try re-installing your game from the beginning.

Fix #5

While this is not a fix, to get your game running even after applying the above fixes, you need to contact Big Ant’s customer support for the Cricket 24 Error Code NW12029B64-1F128 Fix. To submit a ticket, click here.

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