“PS Plus Essential Games for July 2024: 3 Amaze Free Games to Liven up Your Summer”

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It appears that folks have waited finally, and Sony has unveiled the list of free games for PS Plus Essential subscribers in July 2024. Starting July 2, PS Plus members can add three exciting games to their library: Borderlands 3, NHL 24, and Among Us are the list of games which have been affected. This lineup ensures a perfect mix of action, strategy and sports something for everybody and every craving.

Borderlands 3

PS Plus games

Among the many major titles in the monthly releases, we have the fantastic looter shooter by Gearbox – Borderlands 3. Launched in 2019, Borderlands3 has successfully been reviewed for having better and enriched game story, better gameplay and interactive mechanism and unlike its predecessors, it has over one billion arsenals. There are four individual characters called Vault Hunters that players can select to play, and each of them has a separate skill tree and appearance features. Co-op, open for two to four players, has been improved with the possibility to play together online and switch between characters when it’s necessary; there is a split-screen option as well.

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PS Plus games

Key Features of Borderlands 3:

  • – Select and play as one of the four new Vault Hunters that has different skills and moves.
  • Go to several planets and locations, where all of them will have unique missions, puzzles, and mechanics.
  • Uncover more than a billion weapons of different classes, Impact Types and refinements.
  • Get fully immersed into a plot that will be full of surprises.
  • Play multilayer with friends on the internet or resort to playing the game in split screen mode.

NHL 24

PS Plus games

EA Sports’ NHL 24 is the newest addition of this distinguished series of hockey simulation games. This iteration also brings the integration of the Exhaust Engine that imitates the physicalness and tiredness of intensive games. The new Vision Passing System and Total Control Skill Moves are more realistic than the previous versions. NHL 24 has back the UT mode so players can relive moments and create their fantasy lineup.

Key Features of NHL 24

PS Plus games
  • Try the Exhaust Engine that provides the audience with the possibility to feel the bodily tiredness that results from the actual hockey games.
  • Have better passing and shooting accuracy for your players with Vision Passing System & Total Control for Skill Moves
  • Another key mode is Ultimate Team mode where you can construct and nurture the team of your fantasy.
  • Two or more players can play a game together on the internet in multiplayer gaming mode.
  • This is my request to all the sports game lovers ; be ready to experience the most realistic hockey simulation up to date.

Among Us

PS Plus games

Among Us, developed by Innersloth, is one of the biggest hits in the world of social deduction games in recent years. occupational; This is a multiplayer game in which players have to cooperate in running a spaceship and, at the same time, identify a traitor among them. Thus, the game Among Us with its elements of collab, strategy and intrigue took its rightful place among the popular shooters.

Key Features of Among Us

PS Plus games
  • They all have to work together on the simulation where they are maintaining a spaceship as well as accomplishing different tasks.
  • Find out, who amongst you is a rat causing you to fail.
  • Investigation as a form of applying both strategy and deduction as a means of finding the imposter
  • Allow your friends to play games with others across the different gadgets.
  • Feel the state of social deduction and cooperation

PS Plus Pack Genshin Impact

As for the three free games, it needs to be said that PS Plus members can obtain an exclusive in-game reward for Genshin Impact starting from July 16. This bundle consists of 160 primogems, 4 fragile resin, 20 hero’s wit, 30 mystic enhancement ore, and 150 thousand more.

A Stellar Lineup

Of course, everyone has different opinions about the lineup; however, it can be stated for sure that every fan will have something to play. Borderlands 3 has a lot of action, NHL 24 is for the sports lovers and Among Us is for people who love playing multiplayer games. This list only proves that Sony is serious in providing good games to the subscribers of the PS Plus.

PS Plus free games

JUNE IS NOW OVER So, should you play them all?

PS Plus members have until July 1 to claim June’s free games: SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake, AEW Fight Forever, and Streets of Rage 4. That being the case, ensure you read these titles before this set is replaced by the next set of titles. (PS Plus free games)

PS Plus July Offer for the Sony Pictures App Movie Credits

Regarding subscriptions new members will be able to get a bonus from Sony. This amount of subscription lowers to 0.83 dollars per day; You will receive movie credits for the Sony Pictures Core application after your 12-month subscription purchase. This offer is valid until July 10, 2024, and grants access to a vast library of films, including Spider-Man: Therefore, as seen in the titles mentioned above such as Into the Spider-Verse, Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story. (PS Plus free games)

PS Plus free games

All in all, July 2024’s PS Plus free games are a lineup that any PlayStation Game lover would be thrilled to get their hands on with three equally entertaining games – one action-packed, one sportful, and one strategic. Not content with the great games on offer this month, gamers also have the chance of getting an exclusive boost through a special Genshin Impact bundle and can play the Sony Pictures Core app promotion for this month. Set the date for July 2nd and join us to enlarge your gaming potential with those great free games. (PS Plus games)

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